Have we seen the last of Steve Nash?

Steve Nash has been the Phoenix Suns bread and butter for the last seven years.  Nash has played through a long list of nagging injuries and been the face of the franchise leading the suns to the western conference finals three times.  Nash is one of the toughest players the game has ever seen.  The Suns were robbed of reaching the Finals, by the NBA officiating crew in 2007, which was surrounded with controversy, scandals and investigations.  2007 was the  year I thought they had the best chance at bringing home a championship, but even surprised everyone with their  performance last year, making it to the conference finals yet again only to fall short.  This year without Amare, was well, tough to digest.  The Suns coaching staff has repeatedly said they want Nash on the team, but you know how that goes.  Robert Sarver has been known to not give a fuck.  ESPN reports that for the long term health of the franchise, the suns must see what they can get for Nash.  The Suns are in the rebuilding phase, are in trouble and I’m afraid we might just have seen the last of Steve Nash.  If that’s the case well, Mr. Nash, thank you for contributing to at least one winning team in Arizona.  You and Amare are the greatest duo since Stockton and Malone. Thank you for your service in the valley of the spun.  You are greatly appreciated Steve Nash! Robert Sarver, you suck!


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